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On my coaching training journey, I wonder if the “ask don’t tell” philosophy  limits a coachees ability to take action.  What if I use every technique I learn in the next 6 months but it is an uphill battle with little movement.

In consulting, I often need to look at a problem from a different vantage point when I don’t see a clear path forward.  I believe there are times when there is a need for a a brief stepping back to monitor what is happening in order to keep the coaching moving forward and remain in a co-active connection.   I also wonder if there is room to share my own experiences and opinion with the understanding that it is not “the right answer” but just another data point to consider.

But if I find myself in self-analysis and am having an emotional reaction I must find my way back to then coach and reconnect.  If this occurs I will wonder if I have had enough training to be engaging in coaching conversations.  I must remind myself that a co-created conversation is about two people in a dialogue with a common purpose.