Coaching Tools and Frameworks

Coaching Contract Details

My first discussion with my client should include the details of the coaching contract

  1. What is coaching and what it isn’t – explain how coaching works and how it is different from counseling, consulting, ¬†Explore the clients understanding of coaching and past experiences
  2. Confidentiality – Communicate levers of confidentiality. Identify concerns client may have in this area.
  3. Frequency – Discuss the frequency of coaching
  4. Length of engagement – Link the complexities of the work and the coaching goals.
  5. Length of each session –
  6. Cancelation of session – clarity about canceling in specific amount of tine
  7. Modality
  8. Location
  9. Pricing
  10. Assessment – stakeholder interviews or other assessment data to review
  11. Measures of success and outcomes – provide client with a sense of how we will measure success and monitor measrueable outcomes
  12. Feedback – how does the client like to receive feedback? understand the client’s style.
  13. Explanation of the coach’s approach – coaches discuss how they operate, get information, how they like to receive feedback, get challenged by coach, and held accounable.