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Resistance is futile

I generally take the philosophy that the Borg Collective, from Star Trek, uses to assimilate a new race in their collective which is “Resistance is futile”.  I may drag my feet on occasion from wanting to address a difficult challenge or procrastinate addressing a difficult conversation but generally I tend to face my resistance head on and push through it.  Most recently, I felt resistance when I knew I wanted to apply to MSLOC.  I postponed the application process for two years and then finally pushed through my discomfort with the unknown and applied.  Once I take the first step into the unknown, I could address my fears head on of writing a research paper and was I too old to learn and grow?  I knew I had a deep desire to attend and successfully complete the MSLOC master’s program and I wasn’t going to let fear of the unknown create the resistance and barrier to achieving my dream.   Upon reflecting on my resistance and associated behaviors reminds me to check in with myself when I am procrastinating.   I should remind myself to ask, “why I am procrastinating?” and what support do I knew to push through my discomfort because I know resistance is ultimately futile and I will continue to have desire and dreams I will want to achieve.