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Helping your organization created a well-oiled people engine to grow your business.  Without the right talent, organized the right way, businesses cannot maximize their profitability and ultimately maintain a healthy growth rate. Tanagra provides fresh thinking and insight to attract, organize, motivate and develop the right people to meet your business goals and growth objectives. This philosophy requires a rich understanding of people and how they behave, clear analysis ground in extensive research and innovative ideas backed by practical experience.

Talent Management: Raising productivity and profitability by understanding your talent needs  

To secure a competitive advantage through talented people, organizations should focus their talent strategy on talent segmentation.  This requires identifying the different types of talent that generate value for the business and tailoring rewards and development programs to reflect their needs. 

Tanagra Services:
Research - To help build the case for talent management.  Perform qualitative interviews with your top talent to understand the traits and characteristics of your best performers and create the ability to replicate the profile for recruitment.
Develop strategy – Develop a talent strategy linked to business goals with a clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses in the current talent management practice and employee lifecycle.
Define and identify talent – Help you define what type of talent contributes to create your competitive advantage

2 Organizational Design and Employee Engagement:  Making it easier for your people to deliver value 

Ultimately how well your organization performs is down to how well your people perform.  A high performing organization requires an organizational design that supports the needs of the business and where your people play critical roles.  We help you build a framework that allows your people to deliver great performance.

Research has shown that an engaged workforce drives financial performance and are more likely to stay with an organization and make a sizeable contribution to the success of the organization.  Engagement can differ for various segments of the workforce.  Tanagra can collaboratively build a customized roadmap by measuring employee engagement through pulse checks, diagnose strengths and weaknesses, develop leaders for the 21st century and develop interventions to improve health in key areas such as: Align employees to better serve customers and Productivity improvement and empowerment to drive change

Tanagra Services:
Develop and Engage Talent- A health check survey can diagnose strengths and weaknesses in engagement and create action plans to better align employees to serve customers, increase productivity and facilitate empowerment to drive change. Talented people need to be moved around your organization to meet their own career needs and the organizations.  We help build a development program to ensure people reach their full potential. 
Management Framework – As businesses grow, management frameworks usually evolve over time leading to confusion around accountability and redundant management layers.  We help establish a framework with clear accountabilities and align to business performance metrics.
Define roles and Responsibilities – Defining roles that give your people clear insight into exactly how they contribute, make them accountable for the value they deliver and give them the control they need to perform at their best for business.

Change Management & Business Transformation: Driving change to maximize value  

Boost productivity and meet the business needs of a diverse workforce through activities such as: Barrier Analysis, Workforce Planning, Talent Assessment, Employee Work Models (Agile / Flexible), Knowledge and Communication Flows, Customized employee value propositions.

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