Organizations of every kind find their “people processes” are failing to keep pace with the changing business landscape.  The new operating environment of leading and engaging four generations in the workforce can be daunting (Millenials, Gen Y, Gen X, Baby Boomers).  With the pace of global economic growth – creating new sources of competition, geographic and skills mismatch that finds many talented workers misaligned with their current role.  Tomorrow’s workplace will look very different from the status quo.  Anticipating what the landscape of human capital will look like in the future is critical especially with the highly connected millennial generation joining the workforce and the increasingly popular virtual office culture.  Anticipating your organizations future organizational design and cultural needs will provide the agility and flexibility needed to meet these future trends.


To shape human capital strategies that are linked to business objectives, highlight and interpret workforce cultural trends, develop and engage employee from a grass roots bottom up approach.


  • Achieving success through shared endeavours
    We work collaboratively in diverse teams, shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients. We achieve more together than we could alone.
  • Prizing our ethical approach
    We are independent and prize our integrity and honesty. We strive to do "the right thing" rather than "the easy thing" which guides us through the responsibility of day-to-day activities, and through our most difficult challenges.
  • Seeking to excel
    We seek to excel in everything we do. We aspire to continually enhance our learning; we are ambitious to grow our innovation and insight.



Melissa Dakoff holds an expertise in human capital strategy.  She has served fortune 500 clients across multiple industries (including financial services, manufacturing, pharma, Defense contractors, retail and chains) and sectors in the areas of talent strategy, HR effectiveness, organizational design, leadership development, capability building, and performance measurement, workforce engagement and cultural change.  Prior to creating Tanagra Consulting has worked for The Gallup Organization, Cap Gemini, REL Consultancy Group (The Hackett Group), Market Facts (IPSOS), and DraftFCB.  Melissa hold a B.S from Lehigh University.

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